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Škoda Octavia Combi 2,0 TDI


Airbags Ja
Radio Ja
Air Conditioning Ja
Transmission 6-gear man.
Passengers 5
Luggage Compartment 605-1665 l
Classification Mid-size
The Škoda Octavia Combi has enjoyed extraordinary popularity among drivers for many years. Therefore, all the model's versions were built with regard to modern technology and customers’ wishes.

The new Škoda Octavia Combi offers not only all the benefits of the previous generation, such as quality workmanship, timeless design and voluminous luggage space, but also has new design elements, new technical elements and a greater degree of safety. It can satisfy varied wishes and needs. It is classic and modern. Still unique, yet different.
Self-confident appearance

The dynamic front with a dominant mask and newly-shaped headlights, the elegant lines of the chassis and the robust rear bumper with reflectors in an integrated spoiler give the new Octavia an even more confident appearance.

The redesigned bumper optically expands the front of the car and at the top smoothly follows on from the newly designed grill on the opening for the radiator. When viewed from the front, the front headlights with the word Octavia on a decorative inside bar will certainly attract attention.

The new wing mirrors bring not only a greater useful surface, but also have a function that electronically folds them towards the body. The rear lights are equipped with new covers, but, after being lit up, retain the C-shape typical for Škoda.

The palette of colours is supplemented by a pair of quite new metallic shades. The Aqua Blue and Arctic Green brilliantly reflect contemporary trends in the world of colours.

Advanced technology

The new Octavia Combi develops all the excellent properties of its predecessor and gives space for the wide use of advanced technologies.

The progressive safety systems, but also the new elements, materials, quality of workmanship and arrangement of the spacious interior, together with great handling, enhance the feeling of comfort and safety.

The new Octavia Combi now offers a quite new design for three- and four-spoke steering wheels, and the car radio and satellite navigation are also definitely worth mentioning. The instrument panel, with the Maxi DOT display and white under-lighting, provides perfectly legible data directly in the driver’s eye line.

The new Octavia Combi can also boast a wide range of more powerful and economical engines, as well as a range of modern mechanical and automatic transmissions.



30 EUR

20 EUR


Dezember 2021

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